Packaging customization service

HC Packaging offers a variety of custom packaging solutions and project assistance service, help you reduce packaging costs, optimize packaging quality, enhance brand influence.

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Packaging structure and creative design are two crucial elements in creating the best packaging, and they cannot operate independently. When designing the packaging structure, the expert team will not only consider the display and packaging function of the packaging, but also put forward professional opinions to help you save the material cost, protect the product from collision, reduce the space occupancy during transportation and storage, and give you a good unpacking experience.
  • Full Management
    Provide full service from raw material procurement to the whole process of product transportation
  • Save Costs
    To save cost for customers from all aspects in a professional perspective
  • Happier Customers
    Happier customers from better unboxing experiences
  • Brand Recognition
    Perfect brand packaging brings better brand recognition

Free expertl consultations

Whether you’re new to custom packaging or an old pro, our team of packaging experts can guide you through the process with a free consultation.

Product Design & Structure Engineering

Our designer team can provide renderings and design drafts according to your customized ideas/documents to visualize your customized ideas.


We have professional proofing staff to make samples for you, you can confirm the quality and printing of the prototype before mass production.

Manufacturing Excellence

We have a fully automated production line, with excellent production capacity, can provide you with high standards of high quality products and services.

Hassle-Free Logistics

If you do not want to arrange transportation, we can provide full service for you, the goods will be intact to your designated delivery point.

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